Code Riddler: A platform of riddles about programming and software development in general

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Code Riddler: A platform of riddles about programming and software development in general

Hi, I came up with an idea of a platform to solve riddles about programming and software development. The platform is called "Code Riddler" and I just cooked up a prototype past week and it can be found in the link of this post. The code is not open-sourced yet since it being a prototype and all, but will be in the upcoming days. I put up 5 riddles right now, do let me know if you find it fun. Any collabs/issues/suggestions/ideas you can throw it my way. We can solve/implement it together. Happy riddling!
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express, mongo, ejs, ssr
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    Good time pass. Stuck on 4th one.

    Also, remove the "I'm proud to say.."
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    @asgs Thanks you

    oh that "I'm proud of" was inspired from the Batman's "Riddler" character where he's proud of the solver's failures I put it there just to sound cheeky. Now it does seem to be rude if the user doesn't know him, will mostly remove it.

    Thanks for the feedback!
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    @codekidX just change it to "you useless piece of shit"

    Better be straight to the point than being sarcastic
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    "Login with github"
    Why? What if I don't want to share my github with you?
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    @C0D4 That is a valid point 🤔

    The login was not needed in the 1st prototype I made, I included it because of the next feature I'm thinking of called "Challenges", in which u can challenge another user to solve a riddle.

    I'll see if I could remove login and save state to local storage, any suggestions?
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    @codekidX local storage could work, or if you want a PvP kind of thing, store sessions in a db - could be completely anonymous or have a email/password as a fall back if an account is actually going to be needed.

    If you were to integrate a repo to GitHub for saved challenges and push the completed challenges, then I could see a purpose for it.
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    First Issue, the redirect does not work for me. Hope its my fault. Please close the issue if it is.
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    The bug is fixed now, thanks for reporting.

    The prototype code is pushed here - https://github.com/codekidX/...
    Do take a look and suggest. Code cleanup is in progress. Thanks.
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