Looking for computer geeks to help with an app I'm working on.

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Looking for computer geeks to help with an app I'm working on.

The app will let users build PC's by choosing the parts theyd wish to have in their build. After completing your build you will be able to save it and have it there as a goal or be able to visit links to buy every part you specified in the build. You will also be able to share your build with other users and give them a template to start on. I'm real new to PC building but I know a few things and I know what parts are needed. This can help other to finding what PC's are good for them for what they do. For now users can sign up login and edit their profiles for others to view. Since their are so many PC components in the world right now, it can take a very long time to add every single part into the database of parts for the app. This project can take anywhere from 4-8 months to complete a functional prototype. Im actually thinking of just letting users add parts that are missing where they will then be verified by admins then added into the server. The app is being developed on Android but I'm hoping to port it onto iPhones soon with the help of some iOS devs. The app isn't looking to bad right now and I will try to share images soon. I honestly need an insight from a expert PC builder to make sure I'm doing things right with how a PC build can be put together with all these parts.
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    Here are a few screenshots of what I have so far. It only been a couple days since I started but I've been working hours to put this together.
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    "computer geeks"

    Not sure about biting heads off of chickens, rubber ducks maybe, but not chickens. Is this cyber chickens or robotic chickens?
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    *waiting for: Can it download more RAM comments ...*

    Jokes aside, I like what I saw so far though I'm not the guy to help.
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    Reminds me of PC Specialists.

    A neat idea would to also add benchmark scores under the processor and GPU.

    You could perhaps even add a bar graph so it's to compare.

    Otherwise it's sooo difficult to understand how much better a processor is compare to another.

    Just my 2 cents.
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    What is the difference between this and pcpartpicker?
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    Cool idea, can't help, but I'd definitely use this if there was a reliable part conflict database. I would love to build an AMD tower, but I don't really see my RAM options as not every type of ram works with every AMD processor, often depending on the motherboard.
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    This is one of those projects, you'll need a lot of data, and a lot more data to handle compatible and non compatible components.

    Something like https://buildmypc.net/list/ or https://pcpartpicker.com/

    Already does this, but you still need to jump around the Internet for comparisons on different components, benchmarks, and the such.

    then how far do you go?
    Every pc build available or selected products or major brands only??
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    @C0D4 You only support parts that will pay you a fee for advertising them in your app.
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