kmon: Linux Kernel Manager and Activity Monitor 🐧💻

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kmon: Linux Kernel Manager and Activity Monitor 🐧💻

kmon provides a text-based user interface for managing the Linux kernel modules and monitoring the kernel activities. By managing, it means loading, unloading, blacklisting and showing the information of a module. These updates in the kernel modules, logs about the hardware and other kernel messages can be tracked with the real-time activity monitor in kmon. Since the usage of different tools like dmesg and kmod are required for these tasks in Linux, kmon aims to gather them in a single terminal window and facilitate the usage as much as possible while keeping the functionality.
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    Bloody hell you put some effort into that

    I don't really use linux so I have nothing useful to say except that your logo is extremely awesome

    Oh yeah and Rust <3
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    @12bitfloat thanks dude I made it from scratch, tried to keep it simple.
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    Having a monolithic kernel without module support since years and never regretted it.
    Still sad about Grsecurity going commerce-only though - i liked using their patch set.
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