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NFC business card

Hiyo! I’m building this nfc business card and I could use a little bit of help. I already have the idea down (still open to new ones though) and I’m building this as a hobby project. It has a app connected to it that’s almost like an Instagram setup. If your interested hmu! Also if your one of those developers who don’t like working with high schoolers bye. ☺️
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React, node.js, JavaScript
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    What is the upside of having NFC in a business card?
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    "NFC business card and with an app almost lime Instagram" - aha.

    You made a collab about your idea without actually describing what your idea actually is ;)

    What is the app for? Displaying the business card content? Edit the card?
    The first case is already handled by Android itself as long as you safe the data in vCard format
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    @kurast it saves paper, and who actually uses business cards anymore? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been to a convention and someone I was talking to ran out of business cards. Or I end up losing the good ones in a stack of bad ones. On top of that, the app portion allows you to update your information at a moments notice. It’s different then just LinkedIn because it’s a tag on the back of your phone that you just bump with another phone.
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    Business cards are as redundant as Nfc business cards. Anyone who would want that kinda business card would just set up a portfolio and share the URL. And at a convention, they'd just put a QR code somewhere and that's it.
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    And the tag at the back of your phone could also be a QR code sticker for example. I don't think it's worth building an extra app for that purpose.
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    @Creep eh but why not
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    NFC Businesses cards?
    For the actual card I recommend first getting yourself some experience with NFC tags and readers by trying to use C++ with e.g Arduino.
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    You mean like this?

    Share my number (Share your contact information with ease) - https://f-droid.org/app/...
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    @endor similar but a saves the user one button click
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