An email client (like Newton) open sourced.

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An email client (like Newton) open sourced.

Thought about creating a email client like Newton. Newton is great, but I’ve never really liked the idea of paying for an email client or the idea of some company having access to my emails. As such, I thought about creating one myself, and to design it based on my aesthetics. I was thinking about using NodeJS + React(Native) for this project. Disclaimer though that I only just started exploring NodeJS or React. I have a background in PHP so this would also serve as a learning project for me. I will provide the design for this project, I will also provide the servers needed to run this. I did consider running this the way Sentry does it, where they have an open sourced tool for anyone to use, but also have a hosted tool for people to use freely or pay for. I like this idea as we can work out a way to compensate the contributors for this project.
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NodeJS, ReactJS, ReactNative
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    Good luck.

    For examples you could look on thunderbird. The mozilla projects email client.

    Its open source and in need of help.

    But some parts of it is written in c++ but i think all gui is js + html and css.

    I used it for more than a decade but unfortunately I cannot use it at my current job since it can not use the proprietary outlook protocol and out exchange is not open for anything else :/
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    For Android, you can check FairEmail. It's open-source and focused on privacy.
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    @Voxera I’ll definitely check it out!

    I started my research yesterday, and realized how incredibly difficult this project might become considering the mail infrastructure is pretty ancient.

    I’m actually thinking about another approach right now, my research showed me that Email Client UI has pretty much stayed the same for a couple of decades.

    Since I do have a background in Product Design, I felt like it would be a fun experiment to take on the challenge of designing an Email Client UI.

    Once that’s done, I can refocus my efforts of actually making the client. Haha
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    @uziiuzair good luck :)

    And the big problem with emails is not that it’s ancient, its the number of involved standards.

    Some 20-30 not counting the obsolete ones.

    That is a lot of things to learn.
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    @Voxera Ah yes, how can I forget.

    This will be a fun project. Haha :)
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    @uziiuzair well, you will not run out of things to do :D
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