A wiki repository for all mental wellness resources around the globe.

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A wiki repository for all mental wellness resources around the globe.

Mental well-being is next most important thing we all need to talk about. How about creating an Open Source repository of resources which can assist and support you in recovery proceed. This would be a global repo with multiple tags like: 1. Country/Region: So folks can find something in their area. All that is being shared on internet is always America centric. 2. Channel: Chat/Voice/etc. Users can find what fits their needs the best. 3. Category: Suicide prevention helpline, men's health, domestic violence This way, a visitor can filter through and find something quickly. This would be crowd source and community driven.
Tech Stack
some no code website will do the job or maybe a Git README.md also works
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    Some things to consider:
    Moderation can become an issue with that, as it might be flooded with pseudoscience and primarily profit-interested offerings - which can also overlap and has a large grey area (unproven, but might it help? / expensive, but worth it or a ripoff?).
    As such, it will probably need either clear rules of what is not allowed and/or some filtering mechanism for price level (does [local] insurance cover it? if not and for foreigners, how expensive is it?) and credibility (scientifically proven to help? historical usage i.e. traditional medicine? etc.).

    It should be also noted that e.g. in the EU there are rules about making health claims, which might become an issue if it's hosted in e.g. Germany and someone claims that xyz will magically heal you (for a single payment of only 99€!).

    That said I like the idea.
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    @saucyatom some great points there. Operations has always been something that I am never a fan of primarily because of the challenges w e face everyday.

    Just wanted to throw the idea here. TBH I too lack some time to start or involve into this idea but yes, if someone likes, feel free to pick it up.
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    I am in. Can contribute on weekends.
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    I'm in for translation and contribution
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    @rEaL-jAsE nope. I started and built many good projects.

    Now I want to enjoy life for bit before I hop to next one.
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    1. Sorting out finances (taxes + investments)
    2. Preparing to relocate to the UK/EU
    3. Spending more time listening to music and enjoying art

    The last train isn't on time.
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