The next generation react native ecosystem

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Existing open source project

Tomorrow.JS. <br /> The next generation react native ecosystem

This project sets out to create and open and free ecosystem, with no funny business happening behind the scenes. Every tool is open and free to use, but combined they create a powerful ecosystem for newcomers and seasoned react native developers to create new and improved applications. Whilst the project is still in its infancy, we are able to run and build react native applications out of the box, with massive performance improvements from the get go.
Tech Stack
NodeJS, Typescript, JavaScript
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    You lost me at react.

    Anything that's based on that shitstain will have problems forever.

    Hopefully you can outrun the final collapse of FB.
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    Look man, I didn't mean to discourage you and your project. I'm sure it's great and does everything you hope it will.

    Don't let one asshole on the internet ruin your happiness, really.

    Share your projects, vouch for them like nobody else will... Because nobody else will.

    I'm actually sorry.
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