Take it or leave it. I don’t care
You sick of windows updating at the wrong time?

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Take it or leave it. I don&rsquo;t care<br /> You sick of windows updating at the wrong time?

Let’s collab and put together a windows application that will connect to windows update and also connect to the calendar of your choice. In the process, maybe we can prevent windows Updates from happening before important demos and meetings.
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    I like, but how possible is this? If I'm not mistaken it needs update service disabled and know what API calls to make for updates
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    Yeah, you could monitor the services and manged them after the calendars. But nahhh. Just make sure that your shit is ready for meetings and have backups for presentations. Also you would really shitty hardware if the regular windows updates take longer than 30 seconds for you. Most of this rants are 'see and rant' and I bet at least 80% the time we see a update rant the updates are done before the rant is being posted
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    I don't wanna be that guy buuuut, Why not just run Linux and a Windows KVM for games?
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    @Dacexi wouldn't you need a separate gpu for pass-through, in order to play anything worthwhile? :p
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    @lotd I just switch my main gpu over to Windows when playing games and use Intel iGPU on Linux.
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    Little tip, you can probably temporarily disable windows updates by making changes to the hosts file. You just have to find out an automated way of doing this.
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    My guess would be to @ChappIO yeah that is what I was thinking. And possibly changing the permissions in the directory where updates are downloaded to.
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    I've never had this happen to me
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    I've found a genius.
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    @Dimmerworld interesting, never knew that lol
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    You could maybe also create Firewall rules using your calendar dates which block and unblock svhost.exe
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