I'm taking a web development course this semester. The course covers front- and backend as well as automation. I know my HTML&CSS but I know next to nothing about the rest (which is why I'm taking the course).

Could you recommend me some good web dev ressources/"absolute classics" for further reading/watching?

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    without knowing what you know Im pretty sure I can safely say that you know how style something but you dont know how to write good CSS. Ive never found anyone who knows just HTML and CSS and writes good HTML and CSS.

    Sorry, if Im wrong but this is how I see tons of developers. Even a lot of senior frontend developers dont know CSS.Styling something is easy, doing it the right way is difficult.

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    Check out freecodecamp.
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    https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US... for all things frontend.
    https://css-tricks.com for, well, CSS tricks.

    What are you going to learn for backend? PHP?
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    Thanks for your tips, y'all. That should be enough stuff to keep me busy 'til Christmas ... kidding. :)

    @Codex404 I'm far from saying, "I'm good at HTML&CSS." Last time I actively used them was in the 90s and then again over the last months, so ... :D
    But I'm eager to learn. Can you recommend particular ressources for writing good CSS?

    @shellbug Thanks and, yeah, we'll get to know PHP probably but as far as I can see, the project at the end will be done with node.
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    @nin0x03 for good CSS practices check out BEM methodology: https://en.bem.info/methodology/
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    Eloquent Javascript
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    @nin0x03 @shellbug suggestion is great indeed.

    Check flexbox as well.
    I will see if I can share something with you tomorrow. My workplace has some presentations which are handy and will teach you how the browser processes the CSS and thus what the best way to write it is performance wise.
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    The web developer bootcamp from Colt Steele.*udemy
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    REST *giggles in nodejs*
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