My biggest regret:
No one told me about Linux when I was a child.

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    Someone did to me, I have used Linux since I was 9
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    A neighbor introduced me to linux in 2003, he was a cool dude even burned me a disk to try it out. But i was not young at the time :(
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    My dad initially told me about Linux when I was a wee tiny lad, but told me that Linux was "too complicated" and that I shouldn't use it (which, granted, probably was true back in 2002). Now I tell him all about Linux, and have him set up on a Linux installation of his own.
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    @explodingkittns poor kittens ☹️
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    Linux didn't exist until I was in high school, and I still didn't find it until I was in college. I haven't looked back since then though.
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    @explodingkittns My dad also told me, and I had heard that it was hard to use and only for nerds.
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    My dad taught me to be relatively agnostic. Grew up in a household with a tonne of boxes on various OSes, some obscure as fuck.

    My first step into webdev was on a debian based distro... Because he cared.

    Oh but none of that Mac shit because "apple is for poofs"... Yeah it was an awkward coming-out discussion when he told me he'd bought a Mac.

    Truthfully over time os-es change, best to try the fucking lot.
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    @Linux lucky chap
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    I have heard of linux since age 10 but never even bothered to try, I wasn't a tech geek until I was 20 yeqrs old.
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    When I was a child, Linux hadn't been invented. Heck, the only computers around in those days ran on valves and occupied an entire building
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