With the upcoming black friday I wanted to ask: is there any actual good sites offering quality paid tutorials/courses (doesn't have to be just programming) just like for example laracasts? I have quickly scrolled through lynda and skillshare and they seem to be rather investing into quantity rather than quality? I am sure somebody here uses some site and can give either good or bad feedback.

Nice tag suggestion by the way lol

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    @teganburns I partially agree with you, laracasts for me is amazing because the narrator isn't sitting in some internet cafe, does not have a monotone voice, actually knows how to structure something well without saying "uhm and yeah" a lot, the videos are grouped nicely and have a good description etc., professional videos actually can distinguish themselves from free videos often imho and the actual one insider google course I got myself years ago was pretty interesting too in terms of design principals for ex.
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    Agree with you on Laracasts. Jeffrey Way is great!

    Uh oh have you tried Wes Bos' courses?
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    @dndz I haven't but I'll look into it, thanks
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