I'm currently programming on the cms REST api for the privacy site (its finally getting somewhere by the way) and I just noticed that I'm programming way cleaner and WITH comments.

My subconcious is probably keeping the fact that the entirety of devRant will see my code in a not too far future 😅

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    Do you plan on uploading your code to github/some other git service?
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    @olback Yas. It'll be uploaded made public after it works for a little and refactoring :). To GitLab by the way!
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    This is what we call programmer's skill enhancement
    //One of the stages in programmer's life, heading from mid- level to master.
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    For the ones who are curious and don't know yet, this is the current (backend) stack:

    Server OS: Debian 9
    Server software: NginX
    HTTPS: Strictly enforced
    Programming language: PHP
    Database engine: MySQL
    PHP framework(s): Slim framework
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    @linuxxx I'm a little suprised, I would have bet that you wouldn't use MySQL, but MariaDB or PostgreSQL
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    @plusgut I think what I'm running is mariadb but I had to do 'apt-get install mysql-server mysql-client' so yeah :P
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    And also a big thanks to @404response for helping me out with the frontend! (helping me out == doing everything xD)
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    The true power of peer review ;)

    Feeling guilty :P
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    I will also have to make the front end code better 😅 a lot of people, especially devs will see my work
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    @WebRant I see you are new here! (or I guess). I'm developing a site together with one-two other devs which will show comparisons of services/applications and compare how good or bad they are for one's privacy :)
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    @404response shout if you need any help with the front 🐸
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    @WebRant Thanks! I think it fits me as I'm one of the biggest privacy freaks on here haha :P
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    @Aitkotw or in other words, part of the way from pushing to dev branch to pushing directly into master - forcefully.
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    @justwellbrock forcefully or using sudo?
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    @Aitkotw git push -f master 😋
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    @linuxxx I'm a simple man: I read privacy site, I ++. :P

    Regarding MariaDB: On Debian that's a drop in replacement to MySQL. You should be able to remove mysql-server and then install mariadb-server and have it work out of the box if your didn't change the MySQL configuration to much (MariaDB should listen on the same ports per default).
    It will automatically use existing databases and users (since they are defined in a database), you just have to specify the mysql root password during installation. MariaDB is actually a lot better than MySQL (complies to SQL standard, for instance) and it is more open.
    So I can definitely recommend it. ;)
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    @linuxxx did you check out Briar?
    It is currently in beta and by far the most 'paranoid' messenger I know of ;)
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    @moars42 I'll have a look, thanks!
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    I occasionally find my self asking people that know more then me instead of googling because if you look at it as I'm an agent trying to acquire knowledge and I'm programmed todo it fast and there are routes to the knowledge I'll obviously choose the route that I learned as the fastest route to knowledge. Because asking people is usally faster with a more breadth return then googling the questions.

    I still try to minimize this when I find myself doing it, because it disturbs people. I think it really depends on if someone has a problem with this behavior, plus the asking person should have some respect for the time of others. Hope that makes sense ;)
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