Looking for advice.

A client has asked me to set up a PoE CCTV system capable of being monitored off-site. I've looked at various camera systems but all of the apps (I'm checking Play store) have bad reviews.

Rather than using an NVR I'm wondering if it's possible to use Linux or Windows on a PC connected to a PoE switch (and the internet.

Anyone done anything like this and can recommend software?

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    synology offers a all in one solution

    you'll need a synology nas for that and to store the video footage.
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    @heyheni hi. Yeah I looked at that but there apps had bad feedback too.
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    @CodeKill I work at synology as a student and I would say that the surveillance station is not that bad :D *no advertising *
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    @ThoughtfulDev sure it is per se bad, I don't want to be surveillanced.
    You are a evil dev stealing our freedom! 😉
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    @heyheni the devs are in Taiwan. Our office is just support :) so no evil dev here 😏
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    @ThoughtfulDev I have a Synology myself - I've actually had it for years with no problems. I've never tried the surveillance system. The problem I have is that they specifically want remote mobile access and the feedback on the play store app has really turned me off.
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