About 5 years ago I stopped pirating and started supporting companies by buying subscriptions or software ( mostly games, apps I use at work, tv shows / movies streaming services ). If it requires payment, I paid the price.

Companies started to screw both customers by delivering shitty products and employees by laying off ( I'm not in a big company, never will be but I feel bad for all the employees that are in this situation )

Started pirating everything, closed almost all of my subscriptions, currently building my home server for git, local ai and anything I need.

Now I'm planning to do some research to find some good replacements for cloudflare and a friendly host provider that is not all greed and doesn't have a history of massively laying off employees just because they overhired or overpromised.

Fuck you greedy capitalist pigs.

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    Home server for Git? Or are you going to do it for all the services you need?
    What hardware are you using for this server?
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    @gitstashio For now what I'm gonna use:

    - proxmox installed with 1 or multiple linux vms

    - docker

    - portainer

    - gitea for git

    - ollama + dolphin for ai

    - jellyfin for video streaming

    - wireguard for vpn

    - some no-ip ddns or static ip from the internet service provider

    The hardware will be a workstation with:

    - some intel cpu i5 / i7 with intel-vt

    - 64 / 128gb ram

    - a mobo that suports 2 network cards

    - 2 network cards

    - 4 HDD with 2tb or 4tb depending on the budget

    For now I don't have all the money to buy everything but month by month I'm doing progress.

    I know that at some point, some subscriptions are needed but not on those companies that had massive layoffs or a history of overpromising and underdeliver.

    This is applied only for personal use, for professional if the company requires it I'm gonna used it.
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