Worked so many hours on a bug. Some manager thinks my code is too complicated. He asked my coworker to take my pr, then remove all logic that handles many edge cases. Now the shit is merged 😂. I hate my job

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    Why is that manager reading code.
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    It's a shitty workplace where managers are engineers who code through their subordinates.
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    @electrineer my manager will read my code, but he is rightly so an expert in the subject. He hasn't suggested any changes yet and I see stuff I wrote appearing other places. He has also asked me to bundle things I am working on so he can use them. He is a little adverse to reducing code footprint. Which I don't like.
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    Do you work on the Linux kernel, by any chance?

    "Because this whole "I make up problems, and then I write overly complicated crap code to solve them" has to stop."

    -Linus Torvalds, in a PR comment
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    @spongessuck nope, it was a function that calculates a stupid API filter
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    @h3rp1d3v so how remote are those edge cases and are any of them security risks?
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    @hjk101 It's Angular frontend, so no security risks. Users just can't search jack shit using the filter. That's all
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    @h3rp1d3v ah I thought it was perhaps input filtering on API. So the FE filter is now is now stripped of functionality. That is no longer an edge case. Reducing by architecture improvements is fine.
    By stripping functionality is better when this actually improves usability.
    However this is basically a violation of "make things as simple as possible but not simpler". If the actual problem is complex a simple solution does not solve the problem (otherwise the problem was not complex but the analysis was wrong).

    Kick anyone off the solution end of they do not understand these basic principles.
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