lol, nice cookie banner 🤫

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    The off-centre X in the top right is so grim
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    @Creedo AAAAAAHH!!!
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    Wow... Guess somebody just copied that right off some snippet or template.

    @Creedo Now I can’t unsee that 😂
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    The cookie law is a stupid PoS anyway... It's like of every time you turned on your car it warned you that you might be somewhere else when you exit the vehicle.

    Leave it to our modern fucking beurocrats to fear monger over a core feature of the web that has been around for years.
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    @jamescodesthing the most ridiculous is in theory you should provide opt out feature. How the hell? With some 3rd party scripts it's very difficult.

    No wonder most sites just tell you "yea we have cookies, by browsing the site you accept that".
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    @Creedo why did you have to mention it 😖
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    @Creedo my life was better before I saw that... Thanks
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    @jamescodesthing more like decades..
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    No-one is going to comment Reece's cookie? Well I'll be damned
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    @mzeffect yeah the law was revised to "must provide instructions on how to remove", because for security reasons it's not really possible to cut all the cookies presented by a site.

    For like 2 years the ICO (Fannies enforcing the law) didn't uphold it on their own site... That's when everyone knew it was a farce.

    It's also to fucking vague.

    Same with the one click unsubscribe... It leaves 15 days to remove someone from a mailing list... So every fucking site leaves it those 15 days cause fuck you right?
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    @bioDan spot on *decades.

    I couldn't be arsed to check the dates on my last trek through here... I was pretty certain but didn't want to sensationalise http cookies 😂
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