Just had a code review where I commented that we should use linq's ".Single()" here because we don't expect or tolerate zero or multiple matches in this scenario and their response was "but copilot says -" and I didn't know so few words could make me so irrationally angry.

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    I would argue that getting angry is very rational in this case.
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    What happened next?
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    Just say:
    Exactly. And I am the Pilot. And I say we use .Single()
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    If Copilot tells you to jump off a bridge..
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    jmp 0xff, bridge;
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    the response should've been "codepilot says you're fired"
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    Personally, when i run into ignorant, immature, pseudo answers with little to know cognitive efforts... i tend to respond in a way that both matches their protocols and amuses me... like rapidly saying 'dumbpilot says what?' ... it's had a pretty solid 60/30 rate, 60 being the trap response, 40 deer in headlights. The last 10% is comprised of one or 2 random(often exec level) people minorly bursting out in laughter then controlling themselves and/or someone staring at me with the 'really?' expression while mentally noting the lack of others noticing what happened.

    I should probably mention that this has almost always been in situations where im both a relatively foreign/new/mysterious presence and have been introduced under some vague intro of 'this person is necessary and outranks you/obey, you dont need to understand why' ... pretty sure id still do the same if that wasn't the case, but ive never actually needed the job... so poor frame of ref, as is usual for me.
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