Just bought a new PC :D

-I7 7700k
-16GB G.SKILL 3200
-500 GB SSD PCIe by WD Blue
-Sharkoon Case

A Motherboard, some cables and so on :)

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    Gaming on this machine = dream accomplished 😍😍😍
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    Did you post this just to make us feel envious? Because it's working.

    Nice build!
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    @coolq haha somewhat ':D the gradle build should be fast as heck now :D
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    Noice! Enjoy it! Sounds like you're going to have a lot of fun with it. I went for a more budget restricted rig.
    Ryzen 1200
    16GB G.Skill
    2TB WD Blue
    GTS 250 (don't laugh, it's my old card I'll use until I can afford a 1070 Ti)
    Bitfenix Neos Red

    The CPU I'll OC to 3.9 or as close as possible to it. Want to get an SSD and another 16GB of RAM when I can afford it.
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    @TheCapeGreek I wont laugh trust me :D my pc right now has these specs:
    8GB ddr3
    Asus r370x 4GB STRIX Graphics
    AMD FX6300
    No SSD
    Thats pretty much it :D
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    @Kisokare haha alright. Edited the post BTW. On my current rig all my ram died except 1 2GB spare so I'm stuck with that until the parts deliver next week.
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    Good 'ol gradle and its 100 year build times 😛
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    Pics dude! Want those pics!
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    @flag0 I will make a rant then again and I will tag you :)
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    Sharkoon 😍
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