Thread-local static variables in expression scope are so cool. You can initialize them with heap-bound datastructures, they retain their value like statics but you don't need a mutex to interact with them, and you can define them with macros that are called in expression scope. The perfect building block for unobtrusive caching.

I used to really hate statics in C++ when I was starting out with programming because I felt that they introduced unexpected persistent state, but I guess I have grown to appreciate locality a lot more since.

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    Are c++ statics thread local by default?
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    @Lensflare In C++ thread_local is a storage class that syntactically replaces and semantically implies static. In Rust, thread_,local is a macro that accepts a sequence of static variable declarations.
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    @Lensflare When I last actively used C++ I didn't know about concurrency so I had to look this up right now.
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    @dfox mentions seem to be broken again. I didn’t get the mention notifications from the comments above.
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