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People. It's unpopular opinion time!
Windows is brilliant.
There. I said it.

Why? Because it has the balance of user-friendliness and customisability that is great for most workloads. Its enormous user- and developer- base allow almost anything you want to be done on it.

For instance, a few years ago I hooked up a MIDI synth pad to my PC and found an obscure program to use MIDI events as macros. I did not have to write any code, compile anything or any crap like that. (If you're a developer then you'll have no problem with that kind of thing, but not everyone's an über-technical nerd like you. Deal with it.)

I don't like Windows. But it's still brilliant for most people. All you Linux fan- boys/girls/helicopters are right to advocate it, but it will never expand its market share to more than the percentage of people who are developers, (unless it turns into a corporate enterprise (which it probably won't)). It has its flaws, but most of them will never affect the average end user. OK? Thanks.

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    NB: this rant survived several days without being posted, a reboot, and a devRant crash (not a bug, just out of memory)
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    @retnikt You, sir, deserve a medal!
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    Hear, hear.

    Windows was shit back in 1995. But if you’re still using “Windoze” or spelling Microsoft with a “$” in 2017, it’s time to grow up just a bit.
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    Yeah man, I don't see why it gets bashed all the time. Who gives a fuck what kinda car you drive? Why should an OS be different? Oh what, because it's "superior"? Fuck off.
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    @1nfinite No, because other valid reasons.
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    Despite the hate, MS is an amazing company who builds a lot of hugely influential products and services, and has pioneered so much of what we see today....

    But then you have IE....gulp
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    Basically windows doesn't have an overarching philosophy, which leads to inconsistencies. Esr explains it better in the link above.
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    Yeah, who cares if they put ads in an OS that you have to pay for? Who cares that they get all the information about everything you do on your computer? Who cares that they download Minecraft, Candy crush, etc on to your computer automatically? Windows is a horrendous operating system, and as someone who didn't grow up with it, learning how to use it was hellish and full of inconsistencies.

    Linux is easier to learn than windows, it's just that most people grow up with Windows.
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    Citing a nearly 15-year-old opinion piece is not exactly making your case. This was written pre-PowerShell, pre-C#/.NET, pre-multi core CPUs. ESR refuses to engage with what Windows *is* and instead criticizes it through what he feels it *should be*, which doesn’t necessarily align with what is actually best for Windows users.
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