Pure evil

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    "But you TOLD me..."
    "No. You moron. I estimated. "
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    And this is why my estimates are multiplied by π!
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    Asking? My boss just dictates. Then gets upset when it doesn't happen.
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    Estimated to x if all current circumstaces stay the same.

    Sry bro the Moon is not in the seventh house and Jupiter not aligns with Mars anymore, so put that estimate I gave 500 feature requests before to Uranus!!!!
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    I find if I provide my estimates in man days it confuses them enough not to do this.

    "You told me it would be done in two weeks"

    "No, I told you it would take 10md... You assumed I had 5md spare each week and I never do"

    There's calculations or better ways of estimating I'll use if people aren't a fucker.

    Also "man days" sounds really homosexual so... There's that too I guess.
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    Read 99 things a developer should know... it will massively help you.
    In a nutshell: Your boss doesnt want an estimate, he wants you to commit to a date.
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    Oh gawd, this is our Project manager talking!
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    After a while you learn to double/triple/*infinity your estimates.
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    So damn true :(
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    I always estimate in man days as a Gaussian ...so they get a range from earliest to latest with probabilities. Fucks them up enough and is more accurate than a date.
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    I’m pretty sure I made that I meme. I mean literally I made it. In 2013 after we wee asked “roughy.... ballpark” how long it would take to build a system.

    We said roughly a year. Later that day the deadline was set for 1 year to the day from what we said.
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    Guys please ++ only 58 remaining from getting me my ducky
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