everything microsoft makes is SHIT
for example, windows, and the fact that they bought out minecraft and ruined it with their bullshit "child friendly" feature
just now i was writing code and i realized, it wasn't even updating the file at all, it was just pretending to save changes, while on the hoster's end, nothing changed. at all
i had to rejoin the session 500 times, tell the host to restart, and it was generally a whole nightmare
nothing i typed in applied to the other end, and there were already 50+ errors from nothing in the php file i was working on
and it was erroring out at the most RANDOM spots, where nothing is wrong at all with the code, it was picking up something invalid, but NOT SHOWING ME WHAT WAS WRONG
i rejoined and saw a shit ton of test, an if that i never saw before i rejoined
in general why does everything microsoft make have to be so bad, and unreliable
smh microsoft u can do better

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    The best part about Minecraft is that modders created mods to undo that shit within a few days. Java modded is where it is at.
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    What’s that child friendly minecraft feature?
    I’m curious.
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    @Lensflare I thought he was talking about the ratting out of other players feature. Each message in chat has the player UUID associated with it. This allows the chat message to be associated with an account. If someone decides to "report" the chat message, and Mojang decides it warrants it, the user is banned from playing Minecraft ANYWHERE. Not from the current server, but not al all. There is a time period I think, but I don't know the details. So a game you paid for can ban you even from private servers (not sure if applies to single player or not). This is the most draconian feature Minecraft has created so far that I know about. With Microsoft becoming more and more political this becomes a problem. If an individual server wants to ban a user fine. But banning from all online play is not acceptable in my book. People get hot in a stressful game session. It happens.

    Modders, created a mod that strips all chat messages of any UUID or other identifying information.
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    @Demolishun you can even run your server offline, this way it doesn't call back to Mojang
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