This cryptocurrencies madness.

My CPU usage gone wild only for accessing 1 goddamn news website

Fuck you coin-have.com to provide the tools to those greedy scumbags

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    And why exactly don't you just have a miner blocker?
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    @Dacexi tbh I just realized this kinda greedy people even exists.

    Thanks for the suggestion. Adblockers, now I have to install minerblocker. *Sigh*
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    @pushmepullme You don't really have to install anything additional. If you are using uBlock Origin then you already have coin miners blocked. Assuming of course they didn't bother to mask them. If they did then you might need something more sophisticated or just block web workers altogether.
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    Personally I think mining is OK as long as you notify users and let them opt out first or let them opt in. I used to run a web based game I'm thinking about starting up again and instead of charging for certain things I've been thinking of making them a perk for people that allow mining.
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    My bad experience was this news outlet with over 1 million visitors/day were agressively using clients CPU usage to almost 99%

    No notifs, no opt out.

    Thank God they had taken down the miner after some of visitors complaining about.
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    @pushmepullme max CPU is outrageous, they've probably just botched it in. If they display a message and let me choose number of cores used I'd be more than happy to accept.
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    @Wozza365 Exactly! If they kept it low, it might be nobody noticed their mining activities.
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    Coinhive is actually okay, but people abuse the miner they have created, so it got blocked by adblockers. They then created a new version called authed miner, which can only be started after explicit user confirmation that should be very hard to fake. So coin-hive are actually very fair regarding this, but some devs will of course abuse the "unauthed" version
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