I feel like writing a screensaver is some kind of rite of passage

one of the screensavers is literally the masonry pyramid spinning in 3d, with a money sign behind it

I've joined a cult and this is the hazing ritual

I need to acquire food or chamomile to kick this caffeine. I've managed to get my app to run and acknowledge there's a screensaver window it may or may not be able to access (doing this in rust and all and not c, and not actually knowing c which is what all the guides / examples are for / of if you find them lol)

xscreensaver still thinks my thing is "not installed" whatever that damned means, but maybe a problem for another day

it at least runs the binary and I'm having the binary create a log file at an absolute directory to debug it

my life

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    i think the hardest part of writing a screensaver isn't the screensaver, but incorporating it into the screensaver-api of your preferred OS.

    also, if i had to pick a rite of passage for nerds, it's writing your own brainfuck interpreter (the more absurd the hardware it runs on, the better)
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    How to write screensaver for Windows:

    Rename .exe to .scr. Right click, install.

    Works the same from Win95 to Win11.
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