Client: "When can you deliver this feature, so we can move on?"

Me: "Well, by the end of the week could be feasible."

Client: "Perfect!"

Me at the end of the week: "It is finished."

Client: "Thanks!"
Client proceeds to not use the feature for over 3 months.

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    Well, the client just wanted it to be finished. 😉
    Clients are weird.
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    Three months later:
    Feature does not work! You must fix it now!
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    Every fucking time
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    Marketing of client: if we have this feature we can sell more (maybe only company internally)

    Client: costs x €

    Marketing: Ok we need this asap

    Client conversation with you

    Client budget + x € and you wondering why it's not used.

    Marketing 100+ new clients generation more than x €
    New clients found the A.I. thingy interesting and are hooked, but actually just wanted excel
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