People responsible for closing threads on stackoverflow for "We don’t allow questions seeking recommendations for software libraries" should die and rot in hell forever.

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    I don't agree actually. Stack overflow is more of a knowledge base than a q&a forum, and software recommendations become obsolete fast.
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    I wonder if my Python posts are bad advice now. I still get doots like every month for shit I have no clue how to do anymore.
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    The Software Engineering StackExchange is one of the most useless places I’ve ever visited. It’s as if virtually no kind of question is allowed.
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    If I had a nickel for every time I saw a question on stack overflow that matched mine and had either no answer or a nonsensical answer I would be a rich man.
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    It is a forum for facts... asking library recommendation is a question with very subjective answers. Also it ages badly.
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    They would never become obsolete if those retarded fucks dont close the thread and it can be UPDATED!
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    @Argos once again I think you misunderstood how stack overflow works 🥲
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