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    I once had to ask a question...
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    May StackOverflow be with us!
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    @RedBorg Scary times man, scary times.
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    I dunno which is worse, asking a question for the first time, or finding out a hundred people have asked before, but no one had an answer !
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    All hail our lord and savior stackoverflow
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    You can always create new question and pray someone will reply with 'this question is repost from...' and you will get better search engine
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    I have asked 3 questions on stack overflow. To this day 2 of them are unanswered.
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    @Ikun Lucky you. atleast one of em got answered.
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    @Nanos ... or there is answer which clearly explain that there is no possible solution with your favorite lang/platform etc
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    Had that feeling when my Google returned 4 results, three of which were Chinese and one was the documentation
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    Meanwhile any of my new questions get answered 🤗 and I'm a noob with proper question presentation
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    @thepra ooor you are just a noob and your questions are easy 😅
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    Everytime I don't find a question to my problem on stackoverflow I'm starting to questioning myself. I feel like "wow my problem has to be really dumb, no one ever had this before and its obiously really easy to solve"
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    Just putting some experience here :

    Got my last school project with TensorFlow (image analysis and machine learning), it was interesting but back then, still pretty new (it was released publicly like one year before the beginning of the project) and we were facing some real issues quite quickly about a specific feature we had to search.

    So we tried a lot ot things, without success. So our last chance was : asking on StackOverflow.

    Someone answered and saved the whole project. God bless our hero.
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    > I feel like "wow my problem has
    > to be really dumb, no one ever
    > had this before and its obiously
    > really easy to solve"

    I feel the opposite. :-)

    Probably hardly anyone even understands my question, let alone knows the answer !
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    @Nanos and the first answer will be: "This question is the same of [link of a question where no one answered], reported."

    You, little son of a bi...
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    Pray that you don't lose points
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    If you ask the question, someone will flag it to duplicate and link you the related question, 100 times faster than a Google search
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    Don't know how you got the guts to ask there, once if not the must toxic communitys out there.. Worse then Dota2
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    @sheepz toxic? How so? I've asked a couple questions, answered a couple, and read hundreds... If not thousands. There are occasional assholes, but even the assholes are usually saying something constructive on there (just saying it like an asshole). The only justified excuse I ever see for bashing SO is the failure of people to mark questions answered. That is a breakdown of the system in an ideological way, but not in a practical way, as even then there are usually clear answers posted (the op was just too lazy to pick one). Then there's the occasional op that replies with 'oh that didn't work but I figured it out, thanks anyways'. Those people deserve something mildly painful! but really I see SO as a mostly positive source of knowledge... It doesn't always have text book perfect answers, but it's helped me many times over the years with obscure issues. I only feel guilty that I haven't contributed nearly as much as I've been assisted by it. Why is everyone so harsh on SO!?
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    And don't you dare ask it you stupid fuck, you should know it already
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    all you have to do is ask it yourself and wait for it to be closed as a duplicate
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    That's when we start digging documentation and source code.

    Who needs to sleep anyway amarite?
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    If your question on SO isn't getting answered make a new account and answer your own question horribly wrong. Someone will come along and correct you shortly! 😆😆

    Problem solved.
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    @Vip3rDev StackOverflow in a nutshell
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    I wonder how one could do the same approach with dating..
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    @Nanos haha! that would be something.
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    Omg yeah like wtf do I do???
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    I usually actually ask the question and then realise I was just missing a semicolon or something like that...

    I just hate I messy I am
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