girlfriend: beb will you marry me in future?
me: let me find out

from __future__ import wife

Failed to get python-future
ImportError: No module named 'future'

me: beb, there is an error, it looks like i don't have a future. am sorry

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    Does humanity even have one the way we are going? so dont be too rough on you alone, we are fucked as a whole instead ;)
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    We still can #define future
    Even if it's still buggy and errorish
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    Noooooo don’t do that 😭😭
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    When in doubt, write Python script ! @Julien00859
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    You can make a future request to find an answer. Might take endlessly to get a result though.
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    I see where the problem is, future is not a module but a method of the time module.

    Also, you need to implement the method your self.
    Good luck!
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    Python has no future confirmed.
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    Makes you wonder if it's a self fulfilling professie. Do you notice an acrid taste in your coffee? Does she hold the knife a bit tighter when you are nearby?

    Kidding aside bit of a dick move
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