So I'm working on a snippet of JS to generate widgets for a custom data dashboard at the moment, in a project where I've been paired with a junior "developer" (he's more of a junior script monkey though), which is just plain painful...

Recently he wrote up a long message bitching about how my library API keeps changing, making it impossible for him to get any of his work done.. This particular message even made references to "writing his own widget library" and "stabbing me in the eye".

It's currently at version 0.1.0-ALPHA, just by the way. Major version 0 mother fucker.

Anyways, one of my colleagues stepped in the other day to try help him with the front-end stuff, which finally helped me get the feedback I was asking for. At which point we found out he's still currently working off a build I gave him 4 fucking weeks back.

Honestly though, I'd both love and hate to see him try make a library to do this: pull data from a non-standards company data API, parse said data from unnamed number arrays nested up to 4 levels deep, then morph that data into one of four different charts or one of five made up of custom markup.

All he has to do is create a UI to configure and present my widgets, but he can't even figure out how to integrate dependency management into his front-end project.


OMG. Can I stab him?? Pretty please?

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    Heh.. Yeah, guess that is true hey. What makes all of this worse, is that he was working in Operations (pretty much "software support"), things weren't going his way and he wanted to move to R&D, multiple requests were denied, so he threatened to leave and then he was promoted. He effectively forced their hand.

    The whole team dynamic is fucked. We're a small team, we always worked well together because we respect and admire each other. This tool just doesn't get that..

    Unfortunately, I'm only bitching about my interaction with him. Not really my place to share details of how he's upset the others. :/

    Seriously though, I don't know what to do anymore.
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