So... We can ask for help for math problems in devRant? 😂

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    Awe shit y'all better get ready...I have my math final exam Monday morning lol
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    Bring it on!!
    We got your back! Well, I mean they, not we. M not good at math 😂
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    @IndoDev It's cool lol I'm pretty bad at it too. But I kinda already failed the class, so I'm just taking the exam so I can hopefully prevent my GPA from getting too fucked up
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    No u aint give up before even the war starts, give ur best shot! @jhh2450 💪
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    Bring it on man, maths is fun
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    @justasithlord to me it's an overkill. Especially calculus 😅
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    @IndoDev haha I love calculus...what a nerd...
    But it's alright not everyone is good at everything man ✌️
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    @justasithlord damn, I wish to be superhuman like you lol
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    @IndoDev looking at your skills, you know more stuff than me! And they're pretty awesome and more helpful, calculus is probably never gonna help you
    But thanks though 😁
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    @justasithlord well, ur skill would be more helpful towards manoond if u know how to utilize it, like using it for research. Who knows u would be the ironman in the future 😂
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