Am I the only one who sucks at computer theory?

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    Yes your are.
    We are all geniuses and understand everything.
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    This is the part I struggled with most at uni. The calculus I managed to understand with a lot of effort but never fully grasped all this stuff about np problems and whatnot :(
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    Complexity is a pretty interesting topic.
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    It'll get easier the more you read and think about it.
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    @codePatrol I talked with my prof that I was having a hard time following the concepts, and he also told me that I might just not used to the way of thinking, since compsic theories are quite different from math. I guess it's a pain I have to endure then.
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    It took me three terms and two attempts until I understood that it's actually not that hard. Then I passed. Have fun!
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    I am obsessed with computer theory. I graduated this year at it. Don't fret man, shit is complex, it really is, but if you like it you will be able to get through it!
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    @nik123 kneejerk response, I deleted it.
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    Holy crap this looks so cool! They never taught us this in college, beyond some basic stuff. Hey, anyone here have any recommendations for books or online resources to learn about this stuff?
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    @darkmiko Here's what my school is using currently for that class

    (These are isbn numbers)

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    @codePatrol cool, thanks!
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