I really cant tell anymore if i have colon cancer or not. I was shitting and it hurted my asshole from stretching cause the shit was massive for my tiny asshole. While wiping there was light blood stains. More blood stains than shit stains on the toilet paper. Now i have no idea if the blood happened is due to my asshole being ripped by huge shit, or if i have colon cancer. I saw a tiktok video colonoscopy doctor explain how having blood stains could be potential indicator of colon cancer. But if it is... So be it. At least this shit life of suffering will finally end. Its a win win for me. At least I'd die from incurable disease rather than having to make an accident. The best part about it is i wont have to work for $8 an hour with computer science degree and for that reason im looking forward to it

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    Yeah I would get a colonoscopy
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    Anal fissure, look it up
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    Maybe ask the HBGF to try a smaller size?
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    Wait, all these shit posts are because you don't eat enough fiber?
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    It cannot be colon cancer. It must be a fissure which happens when you introduce your hard poop constantly to outside world. You must be experiencing constipation often enough to rip your anus with those hard poops. That's why the blood stain is.

    You said it's light blood. So I think it must be a small fissure which is just starting. Treat it before it gets worse because fissure is not an easy thing to fix unless you make changes in diet and physical activity.

    Stop taking junk foods often. Once in a while is fine to satiate your hunger for junk foods. Drink more water. Include more fibre rich foods in your diet. Physical activity is very much important.

    Most importantly, stop using internet for medical stuff. It will only scare you when you don't know what is the real issue going on with your body. In that case, get an appointment with a doctor and get diagnosed first before concluding that you are having this or that issue just checking out on the internet.
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