If ever there was something like dark ages, then we are living it: which programmer still knows what his statement does through the whole software stack down to the CPU (and could also account for what a modern CPU does with all its cores, caches, pipelines and -1, -2, -3 rings). Piled higher and deeper. I know nothing. So it's like being a cargo cult sorcerer, conjuring copy&pasted spells from SO to invoke Bjarne's, Linus' or whomevers forlorn spirit, so this shit won't break.

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    Remember, the goal of technology is to make things easier for us and to accomplish increasingly complex tasks. If every dev had to know everything down to the hardware level we wouldn't be living in the era we are in today, because we'd be spending too much time preoccupied with things that already have solutions (however flawed they may be).

    Not bad to know what's going on down there, but the chances of it helping you day to day are slim.
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    @TheCapeGreek Sure. I love abstractions and would be glad not to open any of the black boxes. But I fear the The Law of Leaky Abstractions is just true (
    https://joelonsoftware.com/2002/11/... ) Maybe I have spend too much time on HN to absorb certain negativism - always comparing the mud we are in to an abstract Haskellian world with just beautiful code...
    (I am also not in web like most here, I guess. Them frameworks scared me away for some time, because they just seemed like a new complex world of their own, but maybe they even make your code life bearable once you step in)
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