My idiot boss keeps coming up to me and asks "How far along?" every hour. Shut the fuck up you asshole let me work for some time undisturbed before you poke you non technical nose and ask me that dumb question!!!

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    Had the same thing. Sent my boss a lmgtfy link to "lost productivity due to interruptions". He got the hint.
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    But.... how far along?
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    Make a joke and say you work async, hand him a promise and say he'll hear back from you when it's fulfilled
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    Start working backwards...

    Just as the day goes by make up an arbitrary number and make it further away...

    Or use a random number website and tell him that far but make it very obvious that's what you're doing... And don't convert units in any way shape or form.

    Then if that gets boring get dice.

    "I'm 13 far along boss"
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