"Hi! I love your work on github! I'm planning a cryptocurrency exchange and am currently looking for a developer to work with. Would you be interested in working with me and if so, how much would it cost?"


>His face when he sees my hourly rate

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    send "Hi {{githubUser.name}}. I...";
    expect reply;
    if !reply.includes('ill take the cyrpto')
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    He didn't offer you a share of the currency?
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    @1989 told him he had to give more specifics but my hourly rate is 65€, which is probably higher than his entire budget.
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    @evilmupp3t just out of curiosity. Could you mention your country, language of expertise and the seniority at it?
    You can ignore the country if that's too much.
    I'm just trying to understand how much different devs charge and how much I should as well.
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    65 an hour ain't bad. They're being cheap. If you had a registered business, VAT, insurance, and employee or two, and an office to pay for, it'd be alot more.

    --writing from across the pond, it's VAT, right?
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    @Noob Germany, python/C and 3 years of professional experience with it. As @DasSeahawks points out it'd be more if I had to pay for an office. Since it'd be freelance, I have to take about half off in insurance and taxes. So I'd earn about 30€ an hour net.
    And that's fair, I'd say, since the only other administrative effort and costs he'd have is pay the invoice.

    And yes, it's VAT, @DasSeahawks. Also, no matter how often you call Neil DeGrass Tyson, that lateral still was an illegal forward pass. 😀
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    @evilmupp3t danke!
    It seems like Germany has the highest earnings freelancers.
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