I have to convert a very complex algorithm form matlab to C , and push to prod in next 7 days šŸ˜­
[FYI can’t use matlab to c coverter]

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    Normally I wouldn‘t suggest that, but in this case, maybe chatgpt or another code gen AI could help.
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    @Lensflare can’t use chat gpt I can’t copy paste things otherwise i will run into copyright issues
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    Update: actually looking into it , it’s two different algorithms and they want it by Monday , My weekend is ruined šŸ’€
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    @hardfault nope. That is not a you problem but a them problem.

    Your reward for fixing this in your free time is that they will expect this from you the next time they fuck up too.
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    Um, actually, I'm a professional C progammer...

    But don't do it on your weekend.
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