Fuck, today was a total shitshow. Every damn line of code I touched seemed to blow up in my face. Fucking bugs popping up left and right, and the deadline looming over my head like a goddamn guillotine. Today my wife mentioned divorce over dinner.

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    Damn, your wife sure has excellent feeling for timing. Did she also say why? Would you like to tell?
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    @jestdotty one post about complaining being misunderstood by your partner for being focused.

    That being said it is important to spend quality time with your beloved. It's hard at first but if you stick to timeslots being really AFK and talk/play/cuddle/discuss/... It will be all worth it.

    E.g. Saturday is my AFK day, no work that day, just family stuff and doing absolutely nothing related to work or chores. Except cooking.
    No we are not Jewish, it just is our common day.
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    Divorce is hell. Been there done that. Don’t recommend it.
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    Why does she want a divorce?

    Spill it.

    I wanted a divorce for three reasons
    1. Quit drinking bitch
    2. Stop nagging bitch
    3. Get a fucking job.

    After three years of marriage counseling no improvement.

    Am I the asshole?
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    This sucks... gonna go make love to my wife and appreciate her while I have her, good luck on your marriage man I hope you can fix things. Make sure you focus on her as meticulously as you would when troubleshooting a complex JavaScript function
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