I work under a highly toxic boss who expects me to work on all 7 days and give most of the time to the company. He makes us work on public holidays and weekends as well. We are literal slaves of him.
I had planned to leave on december this year , but in the aprils appraisal i got 116% hike and i got lot of esops and retention bonus. And retention bonus needs to be returned if not in employment till next june. Now i am crazily stuck and have become an official slave of him. Now i am neither able to leave the company, nor able to stay. And after accepting the money, Everything is in his hands. Now he is acting like he owns me as an object.

Guys kindly guide me on what to do.

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    I’m fairly unhappy with my current job working under toxic managers as well. To my surprise I got a raise early this year as well.
    I’m still strongly considering quitting. Maybe in the next couple months
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    Lawyer up. First real piece of advice.

    If you are an employee you have labor rights and your company must abide to them. Refusing to do so can result in them being fined and pay out compensation to you and colleagues.

    You are not obligated to accept the work outside the agreed scope of your contract. You are allowed - as a gesture of goodwill - to OCCASIONALLY accept, with the condition of course a higher payout. This however cannot be the "normal" work environment.

    With the lawyer backing you up they will propose to mediate in the situation to come to an acceptable agreed solution. Of your toxic boss does not want to discuss this and threatening to fire you, you have possibly enough evidence to make your case at court.

    Not legal advice, seek a lawyer specialised in labor law.
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