The bad thing about high turnover is being forced to remind people constantly that you don’t like physical contact.

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    Where do you live that people default to that? That would bother me a lot.
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    @Demolishun UK, which is not my birth country.
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    Did you move there to avoid kissing?
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    I can imagine that must suck. 😓

    Both for you and for the person hearing it.

    Cause if I was the touchy type - I would feel so awkward if I thought I was bonding with someone - and tried to gave em a pat on the back or a shake or something - and then heard ”I hate physical contact”
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    @electrineer To me hugs are the worst, and nowadays, handshaking your coworkers is seen as normal in France
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    @jiraTicket I think most people are able to read the signs which say “I shouldn’t be too much with this person”, but some don’t and those are the problem.
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