so Broadcom bought VMWare.... so now whenever you go to any community support page that used to be on VMWare's community, you're just always redirected to Broadcom's support homepage...

another billion dollar company that has failed to understand the basics in HTTP and DNS

what do i expect...

i don't know, they probably only have like 2 devs, i shouldn't be so hard on them


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    I like how companies are making tens of billion of dollars acquisitions and nobody cares, fast forward couple of years later when couple thousand people got fired or products are closed nobody is able to connect the dots what happened.

    It’s like global brainwash.
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    @vane oh, anyone with a brain is able to connect the dots, its just the liberal / victim types are more than happy to play it as (guess what, the victim) and describe that they were 'suprisingly' laid off / etc. / something something that the world actually doesn't owe you shit but you think it does anyway / hipster hype / whatever. really, its just americans who are shocked their 200K salary of eating salads is taken away

    0 sympathy, our ancestors were either farming 7 days a week or punching rivets into b-52s, and you complain you got fired from a 200k+ salary

    fuck those people
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    @fullstackcircus Our ancestors were either raping and pillaging their way through life or getting raped and pillaged. Precedence doesn't make anything desirable, fair or even more sustainable than the status quo it evolved into.
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