A local television station on the other side of the country has been running my software for about two years now and today I finally went to see them. (and deploy a completely rehauled version)

It was so awesome to see these people in real life for the first time. They were nice and hospitable. I'm really glad my software is contributing to what they are doing :D

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    So, what does it do?
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    @CWins automates video playout. systems like mine usually cost 10k+, but I gave it to them for free.
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    Best thing to do now is to open source it. GitHub is your friend!
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    @sjzurek have done so in the past, but the traffic on the repository is so low that I feel I'll help more people out by making it a product rather than a project. it would be low budget, but with some basic level of support and configuration. not all stations have the technical know-how, and that's why they're missing out right now.
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    @Christian1998 haha, this hobby project was a lot of fun and it gave me the experience to do some free lance work that is still paying for my food today. so, in a way, maybe dumb, but if I ended up a happier person, that's nice right?
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    @Christian1998 What was that for?
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    @balte that's awesome!
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    @balte what language is it written in?
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    @balte Okay if i get something back from them then it isnt that dumb i meant. (Yep my english is bullshit)
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    @Noob originally it was JavaScript and PHP, but I completely rewrote it into JavaScript.
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    @balte nice! Sounds interesting.
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