Why do I keep seeing children in every workspace I go to..? I can admit that I'm childish at times but... and this is just life advice?

You're adults.

Don't lie. Don't cry when you don't get your way. Don't claim I am lying when I prove you wrong.

Most importantly?

Don't make a false accusation. You ALMOST LOST YOUR LIFE TODAY with that bullshit. One more word from your mouth to tarnish my reputation with a good group of people in that manner and frankly, I would've shot you dead in front of everyone.

Short version of the story behind this rant:

Someone accused me of sexual harassment because I (I wish I was joking about this) held the door for a female employee that works with me. I brushed off the bullshit that happened at the door but the customer went to the manager who, as a result, nearly fired me and sent me to court.

Fortunately we have a camera at the entrance which disproved the allegations of "he grabbed my ass while I walked through the door" and our security guard is a badass and kept the tape.

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    @NoMad She wanted me to stop holding the door for women because "we are strong and don't need your help". To which I responded:

    My mother, a single mom with six childre , and a woman in the United States Airforce whom has recieved dozens of commendations and medals for her service AND is of the highest possible Enlisted rank (she is an E9), raised me properly.

    So a bit aggressive on my part too but... I didn't come after her job or status in society.
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    @time2code Like I said in my rant, I was about to draw my pistol and shoot her dead on the spot.
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    @NoMad Elderly, women and children take priority for door holding but yeah, men too.
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    @salembeats I have owned almost $10,000 in guns for many, many, many years. If I was going to do something like a mass shooting or kill someone in a crime of passion I would've done it already, not just talked about it.

    Gun owners are NOT automatically madmen once they have a weapon.
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    @MostlyAnonymous Right? It can feel awkward especially if you're nowhere near the door but... its awkward, not a threat to femininity.
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    @salembeats Also consider this:

    In today's world, just the ACCUSATION of any sexual misconduct alone can cost a man his job long after he is proven innocent. Men are often wrongfully convicted of these crimes because in my state the law for an accusation of rape is as follows:

    "The burden of proof is upon the guilty party"

    Meaning the accused (by the way, in my state ONLY men can commit sexual assault, it's a different crime for a man to be sexually assaulted labeled sexual offense) MUST prove themselves innocent or by just the word of one girl they are put on a sex offender registry, sent to prison and can never own a firearm again nor have their children legally.

    Also, wives often divorce their husbands based on the mere accusation. Fortunately my wife isn't an idiot and knows what's up.

    Long story short: that accusation carried a huge implication and potentially dangerous consequences because those convicted of sexual crimes are often assaulted or killed by the people.
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    @salembeats I hate character limits.

    Also, you must list the offense regardless of a conviction on a job application. No one in this state hires people with sexual offenses even if the conviction never happened.

    In other words a mere accusation could have taken EVERYTHING from me without even a conviction.

    It's fucked but that's the United States law and culture. Truly in this world there is still inequality between men and women with women holding the lead in law with what is legal and not.
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    @salembeats Not to mention if I had 10 grand worth of guns just taken away? Just like that? Without any sort of... care? There'd be hell to pay. I bought those. It's mine. They can have it over my corpse.
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    You should sue that Bitch, for real!
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    @azous Dunno if I would win. Plus she's not worth the time
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    Wtf. Did you at least slap her ass as she walked through?!
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    @LogicBomb Nope
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    Oh, and fuck adult day care centres.
    Can’t stand adult children.
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    @Rascaldees bummer. Because that would have been worth it.
    Feminism has gone too far. Manners never go out of style so don’t stop doing that shit. 👍🏼
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    There's no way to put it all out with emotion but without sounding like a redneck.
    Basically pussy PC cunts ruin the world.

    Sexual harassment became over used and over abused. And it only makes the real cases look like the boy who screamed wolf.

    A co worker of mine got accused of sexual harassment after he told a new female employee "when you pull it out, you have to wait for everything to finish" while talking about a hot swappable HDD.
    While this is a perfect "that's what she said" moment, stop trying to relate everything to sex really. You are adults for fucks sake! Stop victimizing yourselves and assume that people just talk, move, look and not necessarily mean to do something wrong.

    This is of course not to belittle the real cases.
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    @Rascaldees also yes, a violent approach is always the best solution.
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    @salembeats My point was some people just need to vent and venting is healthy.
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    @salembeats And also, I mentioned it once. You pointed it out. Hence why it was mentioned again.
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    @NoMad I didn't figure. Someone being a jerk out there?
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