I hate it when an opinion is valued by someone seniority.
Sure, you might not like react, fine, but if your only argument for that is it being built by Facebook, you're just an ass.
Sure, you might not like node, fine, but if your only argument for that is your prejudice towards javascript , you're just an ass.

Normally this guy is pretty nice, but fuck you for talking about shit you don't understand

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    Well if you dont like javascript you dont really have to have used node to know its not what you like.

    I like javascript, but I understand that if you prefer Java, C#, python javascript wont be your first choice.
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    @Codex404 that is understandable but the guy never wrote a single line of JS, that's why I said "_prejudice_ towards javascript". But if you actually dislike and have good reasons for it, go ahead and hate it all you want.
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    “And fuck this guy in particular” haha. Have a ++ 👌🏼
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    I refuse to use react due to it being built by Facebook AND because it used to have a very fuckerish license.
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    @linuxxx i refuse to use react because.. who am I kidding I love react.
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    @AleCx04 And that's perfectly fine :)
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