I went into a sex shop once. They didn't have any sex. So I left.

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    That's cuz you were 300 years early
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    Good sir, I'm afraid you have been misled: any and all ministrations surrounding or directly involving outright fornication may only be purchased from "prostitutes" -- individuals willing to engage in such acts in exchange for an adequate amount of currency.

    These labourers may be found offering their services to the public during certain hours in downtown areas, houses of ill-repute, or directly contacted via social networking.
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    @Demolishun I tought that they have just two of them, male and female!
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    I was similarly disappointed when I once visited a head shop.
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    U didnt ask them if they had any sex on the shelf?
    U didnt ask which isle u may find the sex that they had?
    U didnt look closely to see if they had any sex behind the counter?
    Maybe they had some sex in the basement that they didnt unbox yet.
    Maybe the deliveryman had sex but it did not arrive yet.

    Or maybe ask the ai

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    Did u ask them if it was even a sex shop?
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