Cool project, cool people, but everything-just-works™ code makes it hard.

Every component has its own logic for the things that are already made, every table has its own filters and those filters are the same piece of code in every component.

I'll complain about this shit tomorrow as today I spent my day making a fucking table work, can't even copy the shit as it has its own intertangled logic that doesn't make any fucking sense.

Yesterday I ate Bolognese, today I'm working in one.

Lol the funniest thing Iis that dude who wrote this piece of shit is gonna review my code, can't wait for that call.

And yeah useMemo() on every fucking function. Functions pulling shit directly from state and returning it straight away...

Literally this:

const filteredData = useMemo(() => { return stateData }, [stateData])

Ok, what the actual fuck.

The weirdest wtf was that typescript is used as it should, like every case covered correctly. Not sure if gpt or just dumbasses working on this pos.

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    Backend is a fucking joke, sending the list of items in a big ass object full of other objects with different keys!


    Just send me a fucking array!
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    ffs do they even know what usememo is for????
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    @devJs anyone who puts state in a dependency array only to return it “as is”from a callback in a memo needs to relearn react lol
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    useBrain should be a default hook in react!

    IDK what to say anymore, layers of abstraction one over the other, new variables with just old ones attached to them const newVar = oldVar

    I will try to save this cool looking but shitty from inside project, I really have the drive but some shit must first be set straight.

    I am just curious what will code review look like from some spaghetti making dude!
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    @devJs useBrain 😂😂😂😂
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    @devJs what’s this big ass object, is it like this??

    “0”: thing0,
    “1”: thing1,


    Are they trying to reinvent the basic array??? Are they making a contest to write the most inflated codebase in existance with all these useless as hell usememo hooks??

    You should suggest to them to replace the usememos with useeffects…better yet suggest a primer on basic react…or common sense
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    @TeachMeCode don't let me start on useEffects and how much of them they have it

    About objects.. nope its like:

    some-stupid-name: {
    id: "some-stupid-name",
    id: "another-stupid-name",

    I mean you could just send me array of objects if the key of the object is the same as id in that very same object...

    Its stupid but it works, i like nothing more than using Object.keys()
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