There seems to be a lot of people protesting and coming together in support of net neutrality.

The rant here, where the fuck were all of you during the election? That was the time to come together and do something, now your efforts are futile.

What's worse, I'll wager net neutrality gets overturned and next election the same batch of assholes get voted in.

What can you actually do to solve the problem? Peer to peer internet similar to tor but fast enough to support considerable traffic. Platform needs to be like tor with encrypted decentralized DNS.

Start an ISP. This would also help.

Get cracking, smart people.

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    @IllSlapU yeah. If people have this kind of energy though, they should stop wasting their time screaming into a vacuum and get after it. WISPs seem to be pretty modest cost wise to start.
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    Start an ISP? You realise that in quite a few states there are laws that PREVENT You from doing so or force it to only apply to small communities, such as in Nevada, I don't live in the US Currently but I have lived there previously, the state of internet access there is abysmal due to fact that people willingly vote in politicians who will ruin what they use every single day without hesitation.
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    Which elections? There are a lot of countries in this world.
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    They have been trying to stealth it in for years.

    The problem is that elephants are sort of hard to hide.

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    What needs to happen is some politicians and rich, greedy fucks need to have an example made of them.
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    @linuxxx US, they're going to tear down the rules here in a few weeks.
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    @TheGamingBarrel People do it quite frequently. The thing you're prevented from is utility pole access and public funds supporting it but wireless technology is pretty good now. There are tons of them.
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