Rant 1

Thank fuck im working from home. Out of nowhere i had the biggest urge to take the shitter and shit the meanest shit that i could possibly bullshit. As soon as i sat on my shitter and opened the asshole wide a Waterfall of shit started flowing out ⛲️🌊💩💩💩 if i was in the office i wouldnt be able to hold this in. Their shitter would be my shitter all covered in bullshit

Rant 2

How then fuck do i install openjdk on RHEL8 machine? As root i tried yum but doesnt work. I tried using wget from Nexus repo to download openjdk zip and now what. I gotta configure the shit to be adapted to the migration from RHEL7. Also does RHEL8 even support java 8? Or can this shit handle only java 17? Cause this would be a beyond of a clusterfuck since the legacy code project is built to support only java 1.8.0, and for special cases java 11! How the fuck do i handle java 17. I fucking hate legacy code!

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    @b2plane enable the EPEL repositories with subscription manager.

    Stop using yum, start using dnf.

    $ sudo dnf search openjdk --showduplicates

    Better would be using Ansible, look into geerlingguy.java role

    Better would be to dump reel and go for debian.
    Then use docker or podman and get the java version you need.
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    @NeatNerdPrime why dnf and not yum. Wtf is dnf
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    Dnf is the new package manager on RHEL. It has backwards compatibility but yum will deprecate.

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    @NeatNerdPrime doing

    dnf install java-17-openjdk

    Getting an error

    All matches were filtered out by exclude filtering for argument: java-17-openjdk

    Error: unable to find a match: java-17-openjdk

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