Writing an assembler for my final.

"OK, good, now I just need to make the program write the output file. That shouldn't be hard."

*5days later*

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    @nik123 luckily, the assembler I'm asked to write is pretty constrained to several operations which dont include the trap states.
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    Hey I'm feeling the pain of an assembler (and virtual machine) too! Finals... they're sucking my will to live!
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    Ahh the joys of Assembly.

    The awful part of a Trial by Fire is the fire.
    The great part is that basically nobody else has managed to do it 😄
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    On youtube I found some good explanation how to do it two year ago when I was trying to write my own OS make sure you have some hex reader in pc try to inspect same format files with it and understand new line character. Yes new line because on windows and linux it is a bit different! ... windows.... (uses extra hex to tell that it is new line ..).. in general it is possible
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