I can’t anymore with those companies hiring unicorns only, reposting the same job offer for 6 months while they could have hired someone more junior and taught them. 1 year my girlfriend is in the “no experience” death loop while she outsmarts me by far.

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    I spent a year applying in London before I gave up and fucked off back to Hungary last month.
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    The first job I applied to in Hungary, after a quick and basic online test I was hired. In the interview we pretty much just chatted about my interests and the project, and negotiated the salary.
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    @lorentz We’re thinking about going back to her home country (or at least in Eastern Europe). London is really misery with a huge price tag.
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    Wish my gf was also doing the same job as me
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    @lorentz how long ago you had that experience? Wondering if it’s still happening this nowadays
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    @b2plane point is : she cannot do any job because of lack of experience. Fuck British universities by the way. In France we do 3-4 internships during our uni years and it makes things so much smoother, all of this for free.
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    @idkhow I came home a month ago, I'd been applying throughout the year before that
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    Best thing is that nowadays it seems everyone is looking for unicorns, even for janitor positions.
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