2010: having so many toolbars intalled in the browser you can barely see the actual webpage.
2024: having so many banners and popups in the webpage you can barely see the actual webpage.

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    I don't have this problem and I don't see youtube ads either. Firefox has stuff blocked as well as uBlock Origin. So when people say they see ads I literally have no clue what they are talking about.

    I know youtube has been cracking down, but I don't see that either. I have all history on youtube blocked. They won't recommend anything to me. They have turned off all social engagement for me there too. I get zero response to anything I post. So I am only a silent consumer. I am okay with this.

    Edit: not completely true. This is my experience on desktop. Mobile web is a craps shoot on seeing garbage.
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    Of course we can ZAP the banners out of existence, this comment is sponsored by uBlock Origin, but we shouldn't have to.

    Useless fucking sidebars, banners and bottom row buttons occcupying over half the screen when I'm trying to READ. It's infuriating, homicidal thoughts intensify.
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    @Liebranca I just learned how to turn requests for notifications off in firefox. I don't understand how that was ever a feature.
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    @Demolishun Firefox has a bunch of shiny little knobs. I like the password manager. Also that it can recall my settings when I install it on a new PC. It makes me feel both safe and immeasurably paranoid!
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    Thank you so much uBlock Origin (Firefox mobile supports extensions so you can also use it there)

    Also try opening a JIRA issue on a 13-inch screen. I can barely see 2 lines of the ticket description, the rest is navigation, filter, breadcrumb bars
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    the main difference - the user has CHOSEN to have those toolbars installed
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    EU has chosen GDPR -> so let's go cookies and consents, but also fuck you google, facebook and the gang.

    Firefox was and always will be number one whatever people say.

    I also blocked all ads on desktop, so i was having toughts how mobile internet is so shitty, but yeah ads, banners, consents, pop ups, pop downs, pop over, pop under, pop on the side.

    Its shit show because marketing people thought it could be great idea to put the fucking ads on the internet and spam people every 2 seconds and because we are tired of this shit, they are now fighting for our attention. The truth is everyone is just pissed off and don't want to waste time on shit like that in general...

    They literally make make believe problems and they try to solve them! Marketing people is why we can't have nice things!
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    Just use Firefox, man. No ads, no banners, plugins to auto reject all cookies. "Google Fuck You!"*

    *) paraphrasing certain individual commenting on NVIDIA business practices
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